AP Smart LayerSlider (Style2)

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Example: Style2

  • Full Width. This example illustrates the possibility to arrange the slides in a carousel layout while also stretching the slider to the full width of the page, by checking “Force Size” to “Full Width” and “Visible Size” to “100%” in admin's parameters. The “Force Size” property is useful when slider might be inside other containers which are less than full width/window. It will still enlarge the slider to fill the width or window by overflowing its parent elements. Even though the slider resides in a container that has a maximum width of 1170px and slider has width of 1000px, this feature makes it possible to have a full-width (or full-window) slider without making changes to the page's layout.
    Also, if you check “Visible Size”“Auto”, main slide will enlarge to fill the width, when “previous” and “next” slides will not be shown in the container next to main slide.
  • Loop is enabled. Indicates if the slider will be loopable (infinite scrolling). Slider is loopable by default, but if you don't want for some reason to loop slides, it can be disabled.
  • Auto Scale Layers features automatic scaling of the layers when the slider becomes smaller.
  • Captions. Allows you to add captions to slides. Captions will be displayed one at a time, below the slides.
  • Autoplay. Indicates whether or not autoplay will be enabled. It sets an delay/interval (in milliseconds) at which the autoplay will run. In this example is: '7000' (7 seconds).
  • Slide Distance (margin) is set to 10px. This indicates the gap (margin) between slides.
  • Buttons are active. You ca change custom color for buttons with alpha transparency (RGBA format) in module's admin. If you leave it transparent, it will inherit default value - black color.

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