AP Smart LayerSlider (Style3)

Example: Style3

  • Responsive is enabled. Slider is responsive by default. Not only the images will scale down, but the animated layers will be scaled down automatically as well. In this example "Slide Width" is set to 900px and "Slide Height" is 600px, which is larger in pixels then parent container (DIV) in template, but slide will responsively adapt to the parent container and with aspect ratio and not break template's structure.
  • Auto Scale Layers features automatic scaling of the layers when the slider becomes smaller.
  • Image thumbnails. Thumbnails can be positioned at top, bottom, left or right of the slides.
  • Full-screen. Indicates whether the full-screen button is enabled in the top-right corner.
  • Fade Slides. Features a simple and elegant cross-fade transition between slides instead of the default slide/swipe transition. Also ""Fade duration", duration of the fade effect is '700' (milliseconds).
  • Autoplay. Indicates whether or not autoplay will be enabled. It sets an delay/interval (in milliseconds) at which the autoplay will run. In this example is: '5000' (5 seconds).
  • Slide Distance (margin) is set to 20px. This indicates the gap between slides, seen when you swipe slides, because "Fade" transition is enabled.

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