AP Smart LayerSlider (Video Player with Playlist)

Example: Style3 - Video Player with Playlist

  • Using Smart Video Support. In this example you can see AP Smart LayerSlider as video player with custom playlist. Videos inside the slider will be controlled automatically. For example, when a video starts playing, the autoplay stops, or, when another slide is selected, the video stops.
  • Reach Video Action. Sets the action that the video will perform when its slide container is selected. By clicking on the thumbnail or on arrows, slider will autostart selected video.
  • End Video Action Sets the action that the slider will perform when the video ends playing. In this example, at the end of video, it will go to the next slide (video).
  • Image thumbnails. Thumbnails are positioned on the right side. By clicking on the thumbnail, slider will autostart video.
  • Slide Width (container) in this example is set to 840px. This includes thumbnail width (164px).
  • Slide Height in this example is set to 500px, in order to fit video frames perfectly.
  • Thumbnails are set to 164 x 88px.

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